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About Candy
Candy is a European leading household appliances brand that started in 1945 from the first washing machine to the latest connected appliances. Since the launch of the first Italian washing machine, Candy quickly became synonymous of washing machine throughout Europe. Today, Candy is one of the European leaders in the household appliances market, offering a comprehensive range of smart, practical, efficient...
Brand History
Candy is a European leading household appliances brand with more than 75 years of history. The first Italian washing machine, the Model 50, was produced in the Eden Fumagalli workshop in 1945. Since then, Candy has been synonymous to smart, effective and European style products. Candy constantly updates, designs and manufactures high-quality household appliances to bring a higher quality of life to every consumer.
Brand Value
SMART: Intelligent solutions for daily needs of the users. Candy’s Intelligence is reflected in the brand’s rich impressions of convenient energy saving functions.
EFFICIENT: Candy stands for high efficiency, durability & convenience to provide economical & practical solutions to the consumers.
From Europe , Quality Life.
Bring home
European style.
Brand Cluture
Candy’s strategy is to center around the benefits of the product or the solutions provided to consumers and clearly expresses how it provides a quality life. The tone of voice used is human, real, friendly, sharing, inclusive and welcoming. It is synonym of the conviviality and sociability that is part of the modern consumer’s daily life, not only at home. It is the European lifestyle that represents the Candy attitude worldwide.
Brand Strategy
CANDY is a European leading household appliances brand with more than 75 years of history. Candy targets the young generation users through online channels. Candy is synonymous to smart, efficient and European style products, available exclusively at E-commerce channel at a fair price.