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About Candy
Started in 1945 with the launch of the first washing machine in Italy, Candy has evolved and expanded globally with its expansive selection of products. Today, Candy is one of the European leaders in the household appliances market, offering a comprehensive range of smart, practical, efficient appliances.
Brand History
Candy is a leading European household appliance brand with more than 75 years of history. It all started with the first Italian washing machine, Model 50 that was produced in the Eden Fumagalli workshop in 1945. Since then, Candy has been identical with smart, accessible and European style products. Candy constantly innovates and manufactures high-quality household appliances to offer quality life to consumers.
Brand Value
SMART: Innovative ideas to simplify your daily life.
ACCESSIBLE: Simple and effective solutions at great value.
ITALIAN: Attention to detail with European touch.
From Europe , Quality Life.
Bring home
European style.
Brand Culture
 Candy represents an European attitude towards life. Candy believes in  conviviality and sociability in the modern world, channeling this vantage point for consumers to embrace and adopt. It is the European lifestyle that represents the Candy attitude globally.
Brand Strategy
Candy offers smart, accessible and European-style products to the younger generation exclusively via E-commerce channels. Candy focuses on the benefits of the products, highlighting the solutions that Candy offers to consumers for quality life.