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5 Reasons Why You Need Candy Android TV


TV plays a very significant role in our lives and nearly every household in Malaysia owns a TV. Why not try having a relaxing time by utilizing TV? Let us tell you how to have fun with Candy Android TV.happy-family-watching-tv-in-the-living-room-2022-03-25-04-49-48-utc copy1. Family Bonding Time

Just like Italians, Malaysians value their family time and we suggest bonding with your families over a variety of TV shows. With a built-in Chromecast, you can stream any programs on your TV and enjoy them together with your loved ones. You can download streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, iQiyi, or Disney for documentaries, historical dramas, superhero series, and many more! All the latest series and blockbusters movies are just one click away!women-couple-play-video-game-home2. Partying with Friends

If you are a party freak who loves great weekends with your friends, plan an in-house party and blast your EDM playlist with Candy Dolby Audio feature! If you are a game freak who is glued to your gaming devices, why not level up your gaming experience by connecting your device to Candy Android TV? You can double the fun by downloading your gaming apps from Google Playstore via Candy Android TV too!Working - google meet copy

3. Less Work Less Stress?

Fret no more and let Candy Android TV do the work for you! Smoothing out your working process with downloadable Google apps so that you can work efficiently, have smooth communication with your teammates, and boost your productivity.attractive-young-woman-doing-yoga-stretching-yoga-2022-10-07-21-41-03-utc4. Body, Mind & Soul

How about practicing yoga in front of a 50” TV screen? or taking the most relaxing bath while enjoying an orchestra with Dolby Atmos surround sound? or needing some Chicken Food for the Soul? It is important to know how to kick back, relax and recharge after a hectic day and Candy is here for you.5. Personal Development

We recommend developing a new hobby, like baking, exercising, and making art crafts by streaming YouTube tutorials directly on Candy Android TV or connecting your portable microphone to Candy Android TV via Bluetooth! Just talk to the TV and ask your Google Assistant for help, we promise a seamless experience that you’ll be addicted to!

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