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Bringing Android TV Into Your Life


Life before Android

In this modern era, digital tools play a crucial role in everyone’s life. To keep up with this digital transformation, TV which was once considered a traditional media has transitioned from analog to digital to offer content from digital media as well, bringing convenience into all households. TV providers are constantly looking for ways to innovate their products by adding in more and more features, with so many features to choose from, what is the best-suited Digital TV (DTV) for you?young-asia-lesbian-lgbtq-women-couple-watching-tv-homeAndroid TV vs Smart TV

Android TV is equipped with the Android mobile operating system by Google that has been configured for TVs. Compared to Smart TV, Android TV offers access to the Google Play App store that enables you to download your favourite apps like Spotify, Netflix, Twitter, or any other gaming apps that are non-regular TV activities. Other than that, you’ll have the opportunity to discover more entertainment with Google Play Store. 

Smart TV provides a user-friendly and straightforward interface however Android TV is definitely a step up from the conventional Smart TVs with its features that allows Apps downloaded from Google Play to be constantly updated.

Imagine being able to stay on top of trends with up-to-date apps all the time!

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What Should I Buy for My Home? 

This Christmas, treat yourself with some ‘Candy’! That is, a Candy Android TV. 

Candy presents LED Android TV that comes in 3 sizes (C50K702AU (50”), C43K702AF (43”) and C32K702A (32”) to complement any living space.

To stay ahead of the game, Candy Android TV comes with a built-in Chromecast that supports streaming, a step up from Smart TV that only offers screen mirroring.

With this feature, digital content streaming can be navigated using your phone and you will have access to 1000+ Chromecast-enabled apps, 200,000+ TV shows, and 30,000,000+ songs.

Available exclusively at Shopee, let’s candy up your life with Candy Android TV today!

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