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You Are What You Watch


There is a saying, “monkey see, monkey do”, this is not only for humor but also as a good living example of observational learning. That is how a social effect is developed from TV into one’s life.

One of the common observational learning practices today is watching moving pictures. In Malaysia, the average amount of time spent watching TV in 2021 was about 5 hours and 45 minutes. Entertainment, news, and movie blockbusters are the most popular programs among Malaysians.


According to a recent wave of social science studies, the quality of shows can have a significant impact on us, influencing our political choices and even our cognitive abilities.

What are Cognitive Abilities?

Cognitive abilities refer to our comprehension of the world and our actions in it. It is one of the important sets of mental abilities, to help us think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention whenever there is incoming information every day, anytime, anywhere. By boosting cognitive abilities, practicing carrying out any task from the simplest to the most complex, is an important process.


Cognitive abilities support a variety of tasks at work, including data interpretation, team goal retention, meeting attendance, and more. These abilities assist you in remembering earlier information that may be relevant to the objectives of your organization and assist you in making critical connections between earlier and more recent information to enhance your productivity.

One of the cognitive abilities will be sustained attention, it enables you to stay focused while performing tasks. Both logic and reasoning skills help to form and generate more ideas to solve problems. Furthermore, auditory processing and visual processing help analyze visual and segment sounds. Taking a long time to complete tasks due can be the cause of processing speed. Lastly, both long-term and short-term memory help in our daily tasks of retaining information.

How to Improve Our Cognitive Ability with Candy

Strengthening your cognitive skills helps you gain more confidence in your performance. Enhancing your ability to pay attention will not only help you stay on task but will also make you a more engaged listener, which will eventually enhance your interpersonal interactions.

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Furthermore, Candy Android TV is also equipped with lots of music apps for you to practice focusing while you are at work to improve your attention and memory skills.

Last but not least, play some console games by connecting your console to Candy Android TV. Puzzles and strategy games can help to improve skills like memory, concentration, reasoning, and processing. Therefore, Candy Android TV will be the ultimate way to train and boost your cognitive abilities.

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